About Us

Background – The National Ministox Club was founded in the mid 1970’s and was the original brainchild idea of Keith Barber. It was based on an original car with armouring and an 850cc engine to allow the kids of the parents to partake in a racing formula.

Many of the top names in the senior formulas today cut their teeth in minis.

The Cars – Since the formula was born, ongoing progress and development has ensured that the cars are now purpose-built space frame chassis without the need for a donor car, so we are doing our bit for the preservation of the classic mini. The engine has now been updated to use the 1000cc version as these are more readily available. A strict rulebook ensues that all the cars meet strict designs to ensure that the racing is fair. A very strong emphasis on driver safety is maintained throughout the whole process.

The Drivers – The drivers are aged between 11 and 15 years and come from all walks of life, with almost as many girls as boys. The club currently has approximately 50 registered drivers from around the UK. We also now have a driver from both Holland and the Isle of Man.

Racing – is conducted on both shale and tarmac oval tracks within the region of 50 meetings across the UK. We also have an annual visit to Venray in Holland and the Isle of Man. There is a handicap system in place that links to a grading, with the more experienced drivers starting from the back and having to fight their way to the front.

Controlled contact is part of the racing which adds to the excitement. Each meeting there are a sequence of heats, usually over 12 laps, with a final and often an all-comers race, to ensure all drivers participate in 3 or 4 races.

The Racing Season – starts in March and runs until around November. The club’s ethos is fun, enjoyment and racing, but the social side is a very important factor and the weekend meetings will see the kids enjoying themselves off track as well as on. Whilst on track there are no friends, but off track, it’s a family affair with teams supporting each other to get the cars fixed; some often bringing cakes to share; BBQ’s after the meetings and generally a pleasant atmosphere.

There are several championships contested over the season along with individual meetings also carrying trophies, so drivers can pick and choose which tracks suit them.

Starting out – A starter car can cost as little as £2,500, increasing upwards. A racing licence is currently £95 annually and the normal entry fee needs to be paid at each track.

Further Information – If you would like any more information about the National Ministox Club, please contact nmscbookings@gmail.com

For more information on rules, cars for sale, details of fixtures, etc, simply contact us or come to a meeting and ask, we are a friendly bunch and always happy to provide information and assist in any way we can.

NMSC Committee 2020:

  • Richard Baldwin (Chair)
  • Gary Maynard (Vice Chair)
  • Ricky Beale
  • Kev Dunne
  • Claire Smith
  • Steve Webster

Scrutineers 2020:

  • Steve Webster
  • Ricky Beale
  • Gary Maynard
  • plus others to be confirmed

Officials 2020:

  • Secretary – Claire Smith
  • Treasurer – Julie Dyde
  • Points/Grader – Michelle Oversby
  • Licensing – Claire Smith
  • Bookings – Kev Dunne
  • Race Meeting Co-ordinator – Claire Smith
  • Weighing Officer – Ricky Beale 
  • Technical Officer – Steve Webster
  • Web Master – Claire Smith