National Ministox



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Day               Date                     Venue                  Trophy/Championship

Saturday    23rd March        Birmingham                             NCQR

Sunday      24th March         Belle Vue                    NMQR, North Western

Saturday   30th March         Kings Lynn                          NCQR, Kev Sutton

Saturday   6th April              Mildenhall                   Protech Challenge QR

Sunday.   7th April                Mildenhall                     W&YQR, NCQR

Sunday     14th April             Sheffield                              W&YQR

Friday       19th April             Skegness                     Stockcar Journal

Saturday   20th April           Stoke                                    W&YQR

Monday    22nd April          Northampton     NCQR, Northampton Championship

Saturday   4th May              Birmingham             Incarace Gold Cup

Monday    6th May              Belle Vue                         NCQR

Saturday  11th May             Skegness                           W&YQR

Sunday     12th May              Skegness                      Skegness Open

Saturday 18th May              Stoke                          Midlands Championship

Saturday   25th May           Kings Lynn                  Kings Lynn Open

Monday     27th May           Belle Vue                Northern Championship

Saturday    1st June             Stoke                            NCQR, NMQR

Saturday    8th June           Birmingham        W&YQR, Sheepy Farm QR

Sunday       9th June           Buxton                        Sheepy Farm Final

Sunday      16th June          Hednesford               NCQR, British Championship

Saturday   22nd June          Ipswich                      NCQR, Golden Helmet

Sunday     23rd June           Sheffield                          NCQR, NMQR

Saturday  29th June           Mildenhall              American Connections

Saturday  6th July               Buxton                        Buxton Gold Cup

Sunday     7th July               Buxton                                NCQR,NMQR

Sunday    4th August           Sheffield                 NCQR, Yorkshire Shield

Tuesday   6th August           Skegness                             NCQR

Wednesday  7th August       Great Yarmouth                NCQR

Sunday     11th August          Buxton                           W&YQR, UK Challenge

Saturday  17th August          Venray                         NCQR, European

Sunday   18th August           Venray                                Venray Open

Sunday   25th August           Stoke

Monday    26th August          Belle Vue                              NMQR, W&YQR

Saturday   31st August.       Kings Lynn

Saturday  7th September     Buxton                      Protech Challenge Final

Sunday    8th September     Buxton                       Buxton Enduro, Shoot out round 1

Saturday  28th September  Birmingham            Northern and Midland Championship

Sunday    29th September   Aldershot                  NCQR, Shoot out round 2, W&YQR

Saturday  12th October        Skegness                 National Championship

Sunday  20th October         Sheffield               Reach for the stars, Shoot out round 3

Thursday  24th October       Skegness        East Coast Championship, Shoot out round 4

Saturday  2nd November     Stoke                          2020 NCQR, Shoot out round 5

Sunday  3rd November         Belle Vue                Whites & Yellows Final, Shoot out round 6

Sunday  10th November       Belle Vue                         World of Shale

Saturday  16th November    Birmingham              Shootout Finale

Monday   1st January 2020  Belle Vue                     Winter nationals