Calum Williams #934

What is your favourite track and why?

My favourite track is Ipswich because it’s fast.

Why did you choose your race number?

I chose my race number because it’s one better than my dad’s number (823)

Who is your favourite driver from another formula and why?

My favouite driver is my dad because he’s helped me throughout the years I’ve been racing.

What age and formula did you start racing in?

I started in Ninja Karts at 8 years old.

Why did you or what got you into racing?

All my family have been into oval racing for years and I wanted to do it myself.

What is your biggest achievement so far in racing?

My biggest achievement is getting 3 second places in 2 meetings whilst a white roof.

What formula(s) did you race before National Ministoxs?

I raced Ninka Karts before National Ministoxs.

Who inspires you the most and why?

My dad inspires me because he works long hours in the garage to get the car ready.

What formula do you hope to go into after National Ministoxs?

I want to do F2s or 1300 stock cars after National Ministoxs.