RULES OF RACING 2019                                                                    

National Ministox Rule Book 2019

Click the link above to download the rules book, any updates will be posted below.

20th March 2019 –    A rule clarification to rule number 64 in the 2019 NMSC rule book. There seems to have been some typing errors with the incorrect tyre size listed for the permitted model of tyre, please amend/replace rule 64 in your rule books with the new details as follows. (changes are highlighted in yellow)

  1. Racing or competition tyres are not allowed. From March 11st, 2019, the only tyres permitted for use on tarmac are the Yokohama 165/60/12 A539 and the Yokohama 165/70/10 A008. There will be a runout period until 31st December 2019 on the Falken tyres. These will only be permitted for use on the inside of the car they are prohibited for use on the following meetings British, European, National Championship and Shootout Final. Tyres remain free on shale with the exception of the following prohibited tyres – Avon 165/70×10 72H CR6 ZZ, Yokohama 165/70×10 A032R, Yokohama 165/60×12 A038, or Yokohama 165/60×12 A039 & A048.           Air only to be used for inflation and random testing will be undertaken. The use of any process or substance that changes the compound of the tyre is not permitted. Buffing is permitted but not at the track. Any tyre not within the spirit of the sport may be refused to race, if unsure please check with the BoC.


Message from Andy Barnard

Please find above a draft of the rulebook for you to download, in order that you can commence work on your cars. This has been written with the approval of the ORCi and the full backing of the current stand-in BoC members. Whilst we fully accept that the majority of you may only be interested in the engine rules there are numerous clarifications which we have been instructed to do in addition to your request to prevent misinterpretation. We urge you to read them to ensure that you are 2019 compliant.

There is an important statement from the ORCi on page 10.

A full list of the rule numbers that have changed will be provided in the New Year and will be sent out to you along with your printed copy of the rulebook and license.


All drivers and representative involved in National Ministox racing must read and fully comply with the rules.

Any queries should be directed to The chair or Committee via Email