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   I have been in talks with the show’s organiser and asked for more spaces in the Live Action part of the show, I currently have 19 cars on the list and have emailed these teams with details. If any other teams are interested in taking part can they make contact with me either via PM on Facebook or email to asap.

Thank you, Kellie

Farewell All

After very careful consideration, Amanda and myself have decided that it’s time to stand down from the Ministox committee. We have been struggling with the time it takes to run the Club, and with Matt racing in another formula the time we spend with the minis at meetings has also been limited.

Whilst we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Minis, the recent AGM and unrest brought it to a head and it was very clear from the people there that they wanted change, and were unhappy with the committee as it was and thus my leadership. Therefore, we believe that the time is right to let someone else take the lead and run the Club.

We don’t wish to leave the club in an unstable position and as of today have still been busy doing what we normally do. Should the new BoC wish, Amanda will continue as Licencing Officer for this year, as she has already started. We are also happy to advise the new BoC should they require it for an interim period during the change.

Paul Gerrard has also stated that he will still remain involved in the Club in an advisory manner and ensuring adherence of rules, disciplinary procedures, ORCi and insurance compliance and to maintain consistency, as he has invested a lot of time into the Club and has a passion for its future survival.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow BoC members and their partners for their support during my time on the BoC, whilst our decisions may not have suited some, I can assure you that they were all made with what we believed to be in the best interests of the Club.

Both Amanda and myself wish the Club well and trust that the new BoC will continue to run it in such a manner that its future is maintained.

See you around the raceways.

Kind regards

Andy Barnard

12th January 2019


New Year Update


Can we ask any members who still have not returned trophies to return them directly to the Engravers as soon as possible!

Dewhursts Trophies & Engraving
Nelson Way,
PE21 8TS
Failure to return trophies will result in the trophies not being presented at the awards evening.
Motorsport with Attitude
We are currently awaiting an update from the show’s organiser as to the layout of the event, we were offered a stand to showcase the formula and a part in the live action show.
We now have a full list of interested members to showcase and will update everyone as soon as we have more information.
The nomination deadline has now passed and all forms have been submitted to the secretary of the ORCi to process, if a vote is to take place members will be sent out voting forms.
To be eligible to vote you will need to hold a current 2019 license.

Winternationals 2018

Winternationals 2018 

As the Belle Vue meeting was cancelled due to lack of bookings, we have been offered a meeting at Stoke on the 30th Dec 2018

Can we ask all teams to confirm bookings for Stoke asap by text or email.

We have been offered a Dads race, if you intend to take part you will need to let us know asap so we can organise the schedule.

Merry Christmas to all teams!


Fixtures 2019

Fixtures 2019
We are pleased to announce that in association with Skegnes Raceway, the Nationall Championship is confirmed to be run on Saturday 12th October.
The remaining fixtures are currently being finalised and will be released as soon as we can.

2019 Board of Control

2019 Board of Control

Following events at this years AGM and the discontent of some members regarding the procedure used, the nominations have been reopened and the process of elections will recommence. The previous BoC has been instructed to continue until such time that a new BoC is formed in line with the rulebook.

If you wish to put yourself forward for nomination, please complete the form in licensing under the information tab.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be accepted as a nominee or permitted to vote you must be a named representative on a 2019 licence.