Technical Scrutineering

All new cars must be technically scrutineered before they are permitted to race. This is arranged with Andy but please allow plenty of time before you intend to race the car to organise the scrutineering.

Easter Weekend



Good Friday    25 March    Skegness, 6.30pm, UK challenge, kindly sponsored by “Jenson Wilkinson racing”

Easter Saturday 26 March    Stoke, 4.30pm, featuring the Ladies Race, kindly sponsored by “InLife Design”

Easter Monday  28 March    Belle Vue, 3.30pm, County bridge Trophy, kindly sponsored by “UK Bunded Fuel Tanks”

Rule Clarification


We have been asked to clarify the ruling on suspension parts.

The use of Aluminium suspension parts is NOT permitted (drive flanges, hubs, radius arms etc)

The only exception to this is front brake calipers, rear drums, shock absorbers and high/low tops”

As we are fast approaching the weekend, this ruling will be enforced from Thursday 31st March and anyone found using them will be deemed illegal.



Just a gentle reminder that following a meeting with ORCi the following apply with immediate effect:

Meeting Scrutineering

When a car is presented for scrutineering, the driver MUST be present with all racing overalls and undergarments (helmet, neck device, gloves and balaclava). It is not the responsibility of the scrutineer to come looking for you, if you are not present, your car will NOT be scrutineered.

New Cars

If you have a new-build car for the 2016 season, you car will need to receive a full Pre-race scrutineering check. This needs to be booked and completed prior to racing and takes around 2 hours to complete. YOU CANNOT RACE WITHOUT IT.

Please contact the chairman to arrange, do not just turn up at a race meeting expecting it to be scrutineered as suitable resources may not be available.

Rulebook correction

Page 23 Championship and Annual Trophies

Northern, Whites and Yellows, Reach for the Stars.

Should not read 1/8th of roof but should say:

The roof edge needs to be a minimum of 6″ and to remain the drivers true grade colour